30+ years of unique technology


Distinctive properties and advantages, confirmed by the supply of more than 140 thousand devices in 30 years

Unique Fizoptika design

Unique Fizoptika design

  • lowest ever size and weight 
  • lowest ever power consumption
  • immunity to vibration, shocks
  • no electromagnetic interference
  • silent operation
  • practically instant readiness
  • practically unlimited bandwidth
Open loop sensing architeсture

Open loop sensing architeсture

  • natural direct instant reading of rotation
  • the only true rotation sensing phenomena
  • fundamental absence of:
    - bias sudden jumps
    - day to day bias change
    - dead zones
    - hysteresis
    - g, g2,.. bias components
    - knee of characteristics
    - resonances of frequency response
Fizoptika in-line assembling technology

Fizoptika in-line assembling technology

  • only two basic materials (optical fiber and SLD chip)
  • all gyro optical components fabricated in-line under performance feedback
  • the lowest price
  • the highest production rate

Sentech Malta FP (Fizoptika Produсt) Ltd.

Fizoptika fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs) are fabricated using a specialized in-line technology. The basis of the technology is an exclusive 40-micron PM fiber with a number of distinctive optical and mechanical characteristics.

The fiber maintains its optical guiding ability under high elastic or even plastic deformations. This makes possible the fabrication of various fiber optic components directly on a fiber length by shaping it at high temperatures when quartz glass becomes soft.

The spliceless fabrication of the ring interferometer components (couplers, polarizer, SLD module) makes them naturally connected without optical losses.

Sentech Maita FP Ltd. was certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


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